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I Can join to clan ?

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I Can join to clan ?

Post by CaRniVal on Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:04 am

Hi, My name is Mateusz i from Poland, Bydgoszcz I'm 19, I'm a good player. I like the company of members of the clan of evil I want to join the clan, because I like players such as Rival, Miv etc..Most players appreciate my game, and respect, I am very well liked by the players I have no quarrel with any player.I can appreciate the game and lose the other members of the clan evil.I'm patient and evil clan will not regret it if you just join the clan:), Many thanks in advance Very Happy thnx! Smile I will often in the forum, and added new posts For I know the players evilu named: MIV, and misu rival players know from the clan of evil are very good and I like the Tune of a team game, I would like to join my evil will or skill in the game if only you :-)

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Re: I Can join to clan ?

Post by Witch on Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:31 am

well you ahve 19 yeqars thats nice
as i can see you know english thats nice too
you know some members again nice

if you really want join us to have chance you HAVE TO be active at forum(write psots,read it...etc..)
and ofc you have to come ar our IRC server #evil-urtclan
thats means we have to know you better

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